We offer over 2 000 stock
on our Swissco WebTrader trading platform

Stocks CFD reflect the rise and fall of a company’s underlying share in the stock market. You can trade based on whether a particular company is doing well and its share price is rising or whether its value is falling. Place BUY or SELL orders for a rise or fall in the share prices of the world’s largest exchange-traded companies.

We offer the opportunity to trade the most popular stocks selected from all existing global financial markets, including stock exchanges from the US, Asia and Europe. This gives you the opportunity to trade at any time of the day or night when these markets are open.

You can trade the stock with a leverage of 1:10. With the mobile app, you’ll never miss a trading opportunity with your preferred stocks, for example during earnings season and heightened market volatility. Our dealing desk will report on all corporate actions that may include dividends, stock splits, delistings, IPOs and more, which it will then process in your trading platform.

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** The above instruments and prices are only for indicative purpose
*** Overnight financing is 0.05% daily.

A Wide Selection of World-Class Markets

Take your pick from a wide selection of assets covering Forex, CFDs on Stocks, Indices and Commodities.